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Making Dreams Come True

Sejal is a public policy professional with a demonstrated history of working in both the public and private sectors and integrating public and private practices to thrive in challenging and complex policy spheres.

She has one guiding principle and that is providing authentic advice. Policy Forward Consulting Group was built on the foundation of providing organizations of various kinds with valuable, constructive and sincere guidance.  

During the earlier phases of the pandemic, she connected with local businesses and used her own resources to provide pro-bono policy consulting services. Why? Simply because policy is her passion and she wanted to use her passion to help at least one business through this uncertainty. 

Fast-forward a few months, and she now manages Policy Forward Consulting Group. It is now labeled as a firm, but her intentions have remained the same - and that is to continue supporting and providing you with the best authentic advice possible.  

Sejal Mistry

Founder & CEO

Turning a Vision into Reality

Tejas Aivalli is a public policy professional with a decade of experience. Tejas has a Hons. B.A. in Political Science from the University of Toronto, a MPA from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and MPP from the National University of Singapore. 


He is a non-profit/charity consultant – helping charities with minimal budgets stretch their dollars by keeping them operational, maintaining a profile, and ensuring fundraising. He has helped charities attract and retain volunteers, and manages small projects.


Tejas is interested in civic engagement. He created a website and used social media to engage with voters in Mississauga ahead of the 2018 provincial and municipal elections. He continues to explore and use different avenues to further increase civic engagement.

Tejas Aivalli

Senior Consultant 

Amritpal kaur seera

Where Passion and Dedication Meet

Amritpal Kaur Seera is a professional with experiences spanning across community healthcare and the education sector. Throughout her experiences it is apparent that dialogue is fundamental to creating meaningful relationships that result in sound policy making.

She is an experienced researcher in the areas of education research and indigenous knowledges and history within the Canadian context.

Amritpal holds a Masters of Education in the area of Social Justice Education from the University of Toronto. Her work examines the intersection of media communication, policy making and race.

Amritpal Kaur Seera

Senior Consultant 

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